Sunday, May 5, 2019

Counceling (w3) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Counceling (w3) - Essay ExampleTherefore, psychologists and psychiatrist now pay a great attention in solving family problems. Psychologists have been adopting a method in their counseling therapy called Family Systems possibility. It works with families and couples to nurture change and development, (Wikipedia1). This surmise perceives the family as an independent and interdependent system. Therefore, this theory focuses on fixing any present damages between the parts of the family. In other(a) words, the Family Systems Theory aims at repairing the relationships between the family members in order to end any stressful situations and solve any animated problems. There are several techniques which the therapist uses in order to reach his prime target. However, the main and most principle step is family meetings. This offers the opportunity to discuss specific, practical issues and provides a safe space to talk about feelings that surround the family and long-term planning, (CareS upportofAmerica1). The therapist meets with the family together trying to listen to their individual points of view. This step is considered to be extremely beneficial because the psychologist gets a fair chance of viewing the way each member of the family interacts with the other. Moreover, everyone gains an opportunity of sharp the other persons point of view, which can absolutely be a successful way of resolving a lot of current misunderstandings (Wikipedia1). The counselor within his sessions tries to point out and explain to the whole family different methods of dealing with problems and certain situations than the ones they have been adopting or using (Wikipedia1). In other words, the psychotherapist trains the family members how to alter their responses towards each other in certain situations in order to change their behaviors and thus prevent future conflicts.The family systems theory is use by psychologists all over the world.

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